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Cathias Edeline


Get lost into a world of bold colours, intricate details and must have designs!

Amongst all the sadness and anger produced by the UK referendum today, I thought of an insightful and inspirational story both from an entrepreneurial and creative perspective that it is most likely to cheer you up! Ever since I have entered into the self employed world I have come to appreciate more and more those who exercise initiative by organising and leveraging their own opportunities and making decisions despite the high probability of life changing risks.

I have said it before and I will say it again, stepping out of your comfort zone is the key to success and a life that will take you beyond any monotony boarders.


Part of my inspiring group of like minded people is my old friend Adeline Catinas who adventured into the unknown pushed by her childhood passions – art and fashion design.

In December 2011, when she was working at an architecture and interior design firm she realised that she doesn’t want to keep wasting her talent working for others. A well conducted research on existing market gaps and a couple of sleepless nights led her to create the one of a kind brand Cathias Edeline. In less than six years, Cathias Edeline has been brought in front of the light reflectors and generated a strong interest from press and local celebrities, due to the high quality and innovative designs.

The collections contains leather shoes and bags and divide into Spring / Summer & Autumn / Winter, the actual collection featuring a strong mix of blossoming flowers, called Flower Addiction.

Embrace yourself, you are about to enter a wonderland adorned with intricate designs, powerful detailing and a bold palette of colours.