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Totem Adornments Launch


As consumers, we always describe our relationship with brands in a very personal manner. We ought to feel truly connected to a brand to be able to develop a long lasting and trusting relationship. This connection is usually generated by personalisation, a direct reach to each and every potential customer.

The most important question that a brand, company or agency should always ask themselves is how can we deliver more memorable customer experiences? The answer is simple – by delivering a bespoke service / product, a feature, a STORY that people can relate to. The humanisation of brands is the key to building a genuine relationships with customers and developing high levels of loyalty and engagement.

Combining experiential marketing with true passion, hard work, storytelling and furthermore enable others to create their own story, evokes real audience emotions, interest and excitement.

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This is exactly what happened earlier this week when I attended the launch of Totem Adornments held at a breathtaking location – The Balcony room, Shakespeare’s Globe. Totem Adornments was born when Paddy Dickinson, founder, designer and wife of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson, was involved in an experience called kismet in Bali, Indonesia (a power that is believed to control what happens in the future) and understood that seeds and stories were both methods of healing and rejuvenation.

Totem Adornments is a high end jewellery brand based on Paddy’s love for storytelling and the urge to help others conserve their own through bespoke jewellery.


The collection is beautifully detailed, featuring necklaces composed by hand woven rose gold and recycled silver and divided in 4 main designs, respectively the Sacred Seeds, Story Keeper, Story Leaves and Story Weaves. My favourites are the personalised necklaces adorned with unforgettable stories and messages.

As highlighted by Paddy herself and Push PR, the Totem Adornments aim to disrupt the luxury jewellery market, challenging society’s perceptions about what is valuable by repositioning and re-evaluating global storytelling. The brand and its collections, will work to preserve such stories as a legacy for generations to come bringing together the old and the new.


Every piece and all packaging is created using recycled and sustainable materials from sacred seeds sourced in Bali, recycled silver and rose gold, handmade paper from eco plants in the Himalayas through to wooden packaging manufactured in UK renewable forests. All pieces are cast, assembled and hallmarked in London.

In keeping with Totem Adornments’ conscious consumerism and its desire to design bespoke keepsakes, 10% of profits from each item will be channelled into the Totem Foundation, an initiative which invites individuals, businesses, community organisations, libraries, schools, museums etc to suggest their own unique proposal for projects that support the preservation of stories. Projects will be chosen on individual merit, relevance, charitable history and transparency.