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5 things I can’t travel without


5 Things I Can’t Travel Without

I might adventure into a 2-days road trip, choose a get-away of the nautical type, spend a week at a luxurious resort or go for an exploratory trip in the middle of nowhere. Regardless of what travel sets my imagination alight, there are 5 things that help me meet my technological needs as traveller and keep me connected to be able to share and inspire people all around the globe at anytime. This goes out to all type of travellers, may it be leisure or business.

Pro Travel 4-Port USB Adaptor, LIFETRONS €49.00

Rather than packing a different adaptor plus charger for each country (of course, IF I remember to always pack one), I switched to a worldwide applicable option. This 4-Port USB adaptor provides 35W power and can charge 4 devices at the same time. What’s more it can be used in over 150 countries thanks to the interchangeable AC plugs included. Available to buy here.


2. Juice Pack Air, MOPHIE €115.00

Speaking of keeping my phone alive, there’s nothing better than a Mophie Battery Case for an incurable nomad. Forget about all the wire power stations, they always run out when least expected and are difficult to carry around. The new juice pack air is unexpectedly light-weighted and far more protective than any other cases I had before. Available for purchase here.

3. QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones, BOSE from €200.00

You will only be capable of truly understanding their slogan once you’ve tried them on – Headphones ON. World OFF.

When I am both on work or relaxation mode I block any distractions with the noise cancelling headphones from Bose. They don’t even require you to play your music, as long as you have them switched on you can kick back, relax and transcend into your own peaceful world. Highly important details are (1) the ear cushions that fit perfectly. Don’t be surprised if you end up walking into a meeting with your headphones on, as their presence on top of your head is barely noticeable. And (2) surprisingly not even mentioned in the product description, the airplane adaptor provided within the case allows you to get rid of the unpleasant on-flight headphones. Buy them from in airports or from here.


4. Nikon D5300

The world is full of unique destinations, powerful landscapes and picturesque views. They ought to be remembered and furthermore shared so we can inspire and leverage the travel community.

User friendly yet professional, encompassing endless features yet compact, the D5300 Nikon camera is perfect for both professionals and not so experienced photographers. Imperative to mention the built in Wi-Fi, which means that you can download the pictures straight into your phone through the Nikon app. Available here.

5. MacBook Air 11’’, APPLE from €950.00

By far the best performing and most light-weighted laptop I have ever carried around with me. My bottomless pipeline is always overflowing with thoughts and ideas. Being able to write everything down or conduct research on my next projects wherever I am is essential. No more post-its! Available in Apple stores and online here.

Share below your can’t-travel-without top 5 list and inspire the travel community!