Sunset Sailing

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The world is full of wonderful things you haven’t seen yet. Don’t ever give up on the chance of seeing them – J.K. Rowling

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. Has it crossed your mind to embark on a Safari journey in Africa? Or a spiritual trip in Bali? Find a way and do it! Travel the world with your mind, body and soul, explore and learn how to absorb the essence of each destination.

I am a thrill seeker, creative thinker and an incurable enthusiast. My passion for travel commenced the minute I adventured on a trip to Italy by myself at a very young age. From that moment, my thirst for travelling and adventure has grown bigger and bigger after each place in the world that I have visited.

With a creative background in arts and specialised in digital marketing and e-commerce, I developed highly engaged and passionate global communities through digital platforms, for world leading brands such as sportswear leader Lorna Jane UK. Despite a very successful journey as a Digital and E-commerce Manager I recently took a path-changing decision – stepped out of my comfort zone and quit the 9-to-5 so I can shift my focus towards inspiring people all around the globe through my travel adventures and as a contemporary artist.

I am currently getting my masters in Events Management and Tourism as am hoping to bring like-minded people together and build multi-cultural communities through international travel events.

The blog represents chronicles of my travel and life adventures immortalised in photography and insightful stories. Your one-stop for travel tips and inspiration all the way from exotic islands to exploratory city breaks. Embark on a one way journey around the globe, and allow yourself to experience an infinity of moods, thoughts, and life pleasures.

Beyond travel, discover the latest lifestyle trends, in fashion, food and active living.

One more thing – have a think about what your dream was as a kid. If you are in that position KUDOS to you! If not, take a chance, drop your stressful job and adventure in the unknown. It is never too late, it only takes a first step! And I can tell you this: once you are free you will never go back and that’s the second when your creativity, exploratory thirst and imagination will kick in!

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