Caravana Land


CARAVANA – The adventurer’s spirit who ventures into the unknown only to discover their true essence.


The retail market is beyond competitive, therefore many brands lack that uniqueness that we are all looking for in such a saturated field. And that unique factor can easily translate into a WOW factor by exceeding expectations through a fair balance between cost and (1) quality, (2) design and (3) uniqueness. Truth is that there are not many brands encompassing all of the above, especially not when it comes to beach wear. The cost can be too high, the quality low or the design patterns too common.


What if  there was a beach wear brand that comprehensively includes fair prices, impeccable quality, bespoke designs and on top of everything all styles are 100% made of organic cotton fabrics?

I have been in the search for summer beach dresses for a long time now, that above all could also provide high quality and comfortable fabrics and yesterday I stumbled across a fascinating boutique store in one of the corners at Scorpios Mykonos, located at  Paraga, Mikonos 846 00, Greece. Its magnetic vibe, friendly staff and one of a kind visual merchandising layout pulled me right in despite my urge to explore the venue, sunbathe and a swim in the sea.



I was impressed visually and tactically. That cotton made me feel like waking up in the morning in a super king bed and cuddling up in the perfect crisp bed sheets. The unique aesthetics and brand philosophy caught my attention further.

Caravana represents the beat and spiritualism of the modern globetrotter. A person who appreciates the finer things in life but who enjoys adventure, new discoveries and roads less travelled. It features a distinct bold spirit, a certain rhythm, curiosity and freedom, inline with an explorer’s natural lifestyle and disposition for all things magical and stimulating.


I’ve tried on style after style and each one seemed to fit perfectly with my personality and travelling lifestyle. Meanwhile I wanted to know more and more about this magical label.

Caravana was born in 2012, by the founders of Mexican award winning luxury womenswear label, Hacienda Montaecristo. But the Mexican based Italian design duo Francesca Bonato and Jacopo Janniello Ravagnan, had long been dreaming of a new way to reinterpret and revitalize local craftsmanship with a new alchemy and respect. Caravana thus arises from the passion of the adventurer’s spirit who ventures into the unknown only to discover their true essence. In 2015 Janniello Ravagnan took the lead, now heading up the label as both the creative and business director, steering it towards exciting new territories that call to the brand’s philosophy and aesthetic.


Indeed, a fashion label that encapsulates a philosophy to which I can fully relate to.

What’s more, as stated by designer Jacopo Janniello Ravagnan, Caravana believes its artisans, thread makers, fabric knitters and seamstresses are family. The  community works harmoniously to give each piece a life, a story, a soul.

I have constantly highlighted the importance of a story, a personal touch in a brand’s marketing trajectory for its success and I was happy to hear that this is another main factor in Caravana’s strategy. There is a real sense of respect for the fabrics and materials we use. The mastery of the brand’s artisan lies in the ability to transform the fabric into a work of art only using their skilled hands by pulling threads and creating intricate patterns. This dogma is the impetus to lead and organize ground breaking collaborative partnerships that create truly sustainable clothing and accessories.

Caravana is drawn to places with energy and magic that culminate in the symbiosis of natural connections, using local craftsmanship and artisanal techniques. The label prides itself in bridging a communion between diverse cultures, their traditions and beliefs with the ones gathered through out this continuous journey.

As presented on, the Caravana wearer is confident, inquisitive, expressive and soulful. With a rhythmic sense of approaching life and travel – someone who lives with the freedom to pick up or set down roots, whenever, or wherever they choose, always in the constant pursuit of magic. Such a bohemian, progressive existence is the manifestation at CARAVANA’s core, gathering these souls in order to coalesce into a unified mission.

You will be pleased to hear that the concept line is on its own journey, setting up stores in the global community, including online and via the luxury retailer giant Net A Porter.